Spry Oral Rinse Spearmint (1x16 OZ)

Spry Oral Rinse Spearmint (1x16 OZ)

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Cool and refreshing Spry Oral Rinse with all-natural xylitol, a great-tasting natural sweetener with unique dental benefits. It is quick and easy to use! A 60-second rinse with Spry Oral Rinse reaches parts of the mouth that may be missed by brushing alone. When used daily, this mouth wash helps wash away bacteria and keeps your mouth clean and leaves you with great tasting breath. Brushing alone, while helpful, is only part of sustaining oral health. With this xylitol-based mouth rinse, you will be able to experience a satisfying clean that will keep the bacteria out of your mouth longer.

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Pack Size: 16 OZ