Forces of Nature H-Balm Extra Strength (1x11 ML)

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Most topical cold sore products only provide symptomatic relief. H-Balm Control quickly works to eliminate cold sores and dramatically reduces outbreak recurrence in the same location.H-Balm Extra Strength features our dual modality approach to cold sore and outbreak care. It combines certified organic homeopathic medicines which activate immune parameters to fight outbreaks with healing essential oils to promote healthy skin*. This dual modality approach expands and supports the action of the homeopathics, thereby delivering two actions in one. The essential oils in H-Balm Extra Strength are rich in terpene oxides, linalool, and phenolic compounds. These are wonderfully soothing and cleansing. They also help promote healthy skin. H-Balm Extra Strength has lipophilic tendencies which absorb deep into skin tissue, where it works on a cellular level to effectively care for outbreaks and help heal damaged skin.

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Pack Size: 11 ML