Aura Cacia Lime Essential Oil (1x0.5OZ )

Aura Cacia Lime Essential Oil (1x0.5OZ )

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Botanical Description: A small evergreen tree about 4-5-meters (15 ft) high, with sharp spines, smooth leaves, and small white flowers. The tree is propagated from seeds or by grafting onto bitter orange. Maximum fruit yield takes place after 10 years. The fruit's a pale green color.Oil Extraction: Lime essential oil is obtained by cold expression of the peels (pericarp) of unripe fruits. The oil is an olive green, yellowish-green or dark green mobile liquid.Aroma Profile: Lime essential oil has a rich, fresh sweet top note, resembling the aroma of the fresh peel. The middle note is fresh, sweet, fruity. Dry out is lightly bitter sweet.

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